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Penny and the Bandits' debut album, Apocalypse Disco, is now out! Featuring nine tracks written and performed by Jen Scott. Additional instrumentation and vocals by Jen Scott and Matt Patrick. Drums by Josh Kaplan. Produced, recorded, mixed, and  mastered by Matt Patrick of the Library Studio


Penny and the Bandits is a collection of Twin Cities-based musicians, put together by performer Jen Scott

She writes short catchy indie-folk character and story songs

If Andrew Bird is a scalpel, or if that guy from the Mountain Goats is a Dungeon Master, Jen is a tiny hammer.  

She's played at a variety of Twin Cities venues, from theaters to Mary Jo Pehl's Garage of the Performing Arts. 

Penny and the Bandits has featured Matt Patrick, James Rone, Samantha Baker-Harris, Will Roberts, and Josh Kaplan

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Photo by Adam Iverson

Photo by Adam Iverson

Photo by Adam Iverson

Photo by Cliff Zawatsky

Photo by Cliff Zawatsky

Photo by Jim Robinson